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Do YOU Know Your Business DNA?

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Your DNA is the Spark of Life for Your Business

Knowing what makes your customers AND your business tick is a vital key to your success. It's also the foundation to high quality marketing communications.

Marketing communications are far more effective when you speak directly to the buying instincts of your customers.




Business DNA is a key to your business success. It's a clear understanding of your customers' needs and how you meet those needs.

A solid marketing effort starts by asking what people need and want. Products and services are then created to meet those needs. Business DNA is a tool I use to help my customers improve their marketing efforts.

Imagine on one side of the equation the needs of your customers. Consider the emotions and sensibilities associated with those needs, along with their condition that is a result of their need. Imagine their hopes and aspirations and their condition when their need is met.

Imagine on the other side of the equation your products or services. Don't just think in terms of features and benefits. What is the effect of your product? What does it do for people, and what do they think and feel about that effect?

The spot where customer needs and your solutions converge is the spark of life for your business. It's your Business DNA.



- Become more focused on what your business is really about.
- Be better prepared to make promises and consistently deliver on those promises.
- Create powerful marketing language that speaks directly to your customers' needs.

Business DNA is more than a tag line or slogan, it's a detailed understanding of both sides of the equation.

When you develop your business DNA you're in a better position to beat your competition and WIN at the game of business.

CONTACT Steve Smart to learn more about how your Business DNA can help you.

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