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Marketing Grunt Work

Stop stressing over details! Some marketing tasks are time consuming and mundane. The work has to get done. 

You don't have the time or tolerance to do it yourself and you can't pull staff members away from their regular duties. What do you do? OUTSOURCE IT!

If you have "grunt work" that needs to get done, call 2Q Solutions for help.


  • Trade show prep or follow-up: Many companies face the dilemma of trying to follow up on leads with existing staff, but their people are already tied up with regular tasks. They soon get overwhelmed and the leads grow cold. 
  • Database updating: Mailing product literature and other marketing materials to people who are no longer there gets expensive. Why not get your database up to date and perform a customer survey while you're at it? 
  • Research: Getting prices on a number of options and coordinating many sources can be a poor use of your valuable time.

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The Sticky Chair That Killed the Customer

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest keys to your marketing success. (Watch the video to get the story of the sticky chair)

I want to ask you a question. Do you have a sticky chair in your business? Of course, I don’t mean a real chair. What I mean is this: There’s a long list of things that contribute to the experience customers have with you.

It’s different for every business. A sticky chair in a restaurant, an unfriendly receptionist in a doctor's office or being put on hold for too long in customer service.

I’m not going to suggest that you have be perfect on every point in order to succeed. But I think you’ll agree with me that a reasonable goal is to identify and check off as many customer satisfaction boxes as possible.

So how do you do that?

Here are 5 suggestions to get you started. I think it makes sense to get your staff involved in these exercises.

1. Identify the different possible aspects of customer satisfaction. Consider every touch point. Depending on thorough you want to be, you can include things like billing and packaging. It’s not about making a PERFECT list. It’s about having a way of making things better and improving the likelihood that more customers will be fully satisfied.   

2. Prioritize those different aspects in order of importance. Of course you’re guessing on some of those points, but some might be obviously more important.     

3. Develop a company culture where employees understand the importance of satisfying customers in these different areas.    

4. Build a system that enables you to collect and process information on customer satisfaction. Commit to a habit of reviewing that information and taking action on it to make improvements.   

5. Train your staff to be observant and see through the eyes of your customers. Some of the most important information never gets communicated. Dissatisfied customers often don’t say a word about it… at least not to you, but maybe to their friends and your potential customers.

Identifying and eliminating your sticky chairs will help you retain more customers and get more referrals. Need some help? Want some coaching? Give me a call. I'm Steve Smart. 

Check out my video on the Exponential Power of Customer Satisfaction.

Steve Smart works with busy entrepreneurs who want to improve their marketing efforts. He lives in St. Louis and can be reached at or 636-699-8772.




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Perfection: The Enemy of Progress

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ever been bullied by your own perfectionism? I know I have.

I was having a delicious lunch at Chipotle with a client the other day. We were talking about his upcoming website launch and his progress on writing content.

He described his frustration that I know all too well. He was on his 5th version and was still not satisfied. He told me about some upcoming process changes that he felt should be reflected In the content.

That led to another idea, and another idea still. All these related and unrelated thoughts came flooding in. I call it "spidering." It drives me nuts.

I gave him this advice: Don't let perfection become the enemy of progress.

In this case the "Ideal" content was hindering his ability to launch his website in a timely manner.

We went on to agree that he should simply write based on what's relevant right now. The content can easily be changed at a later date.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I'm not saying to forget about excellence. You certainly want to maintain a quality standard. You want your brand to be represented well. Typos and grammatical errors, for example, should not be tolerated.

What I AM talking about is this: Part of marketing is great ideas and beautiful presentations. But there's also the day-to-day aspect of getting stuff done. You can't let yourself get hung up on a stump. You have to realize that there is such a thing as diminishing returns.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself this question:  If I spend more time getting this piece to the top level of perfection, will it be worth all that extra effort?" Most of the time it's not.

What about you? Are you letting perfection become the enemy of your progress?

Steve Smart works with busy entrepreneurs who want to improve their marketing efforts. He lives in St. Louis and can be reached at or 636-699-8772.

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